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GeoDirectory @ #WPLDN

Tim Clark & Stiofan O’Connor Present GeoDirectory at WordPress London

Klick Design had a great evening at the WordPress London Meetup. Stiofan O’Connor & Tim Clark gave a talk on building online directories and the release of GeoDirectory. We’ve had a great response, many of you have been inspired to build a whole range of directories in a variety of industries and we can’t wait to help you grow them into something special.

Thanks to WordPress London and everybody who attended!

Special thanks to Keith Devon @keithdevon and Graham Armfield @coolfields

GeoDirectory Presentation – WordPress London

GeoDirectory @ #wpldn WordPress LondonWe will be doing a presentation about the all new GeoDirectory for #wpldn (WordPress London) on Tuesday the 25th March 1014.

Attending will be Stiofan O’Conner (GeoTheme), Tim Clark and Ben Clark (Klick Design), #wpldn is an mixed audience of WordPress Developers and users.

The discussion will be covering from conception to completion and will be discussing the GeoDirectory Plugin and in many features.

Stiofan will be giving a technical overview on the functions built-in to Geo Directory plugin and  answering any questions relating to the process of building the Plugin, which will also cover the history behind the concept.

Tim will be discussing the products features and uses and designing with GeoDirectory.

We will also cover the different ways that current GeoTheme users are making money from the product or simply just enjoying developing great sites.

To join in visit and sign up to




GeoTheme a WordPress Directory Theme

GeoTheme is a WordPress based “Yelp Clone” directory theme.

GeoTheme WordPress DirectoryWhy Geotheme?

Well believe me I had a struggle with this one, I was asked by a client to find a directory based website template, they wanted to create a directory based on places and events in London, already being familiar with WordPress I took the logical route of looking at plugins and themes that could be used as a starting point.

After many hours of deliberation and reading reviews on geo location based products I decided to recommend GeoTheme as the starting point for the project.

A few weeks later I had delivered with the support of GeoTheme and its members in creating this site, and it has worked out very well.

There were some hurdles to overcome mainly due to Geotheme’s vast array of options and setup complexity’s and the particular requirements of my client, but what was achieved was an end result that worked and looked great.

I was then approached by one of the guy’s who developed GeoTheme to assist them as a moderator on their support forum, I was pleased to join such a great team of very good developers to assist them in support queries.

This left me with a bit of a dilemma as a moderator I had to know more about this complex theme fast, so I used one of my dormant domains to create a site to be able to cross reference with when answering questions on the forum, so I quickly put together The Bathroom Directory, pretty much within a few days of the launch I had paid listings.

I did not go out to create a business which proves how well GeoTheme works.

This site is now ran by Ben Clark my nephew, he came up to London to stay with me and loved the concept behind the site and it’s design, so it is now being run as a business, and he is doing rather well with it, now he has well over a thousand listing many paid for and is quickly moving towards having a successful business.

I now have had to set up another Geotheme site on my development server as a test site for my work on the forum.

If you would like to know more about Geotheme then please feel free to contact me. You can also find more details on the Geo Theme website here.

Improved Responsive Menu Twenty Twelve for i Phone, Android, Mobile and Tablet Devices

The Improved Responsive Menu Twenty Twelve

Improved Responsive Menu Twenty Twelve

Click To Enlarge

Improved Responsive Menu TFor Twenty Twelve

Click To Enlarge

This menu is used on Klick Design test it out first on your device.

I have assumed that you have created a child theme for Twenty Twelve if you have not then read this first.

Right lets start to change the menu, first you need to create a new custom menu.

Klick responsive menu settings.

Click to Enlarge

Navigate in your dashboard to Appearance>Menus and create a new menu.

Name the menu ‘Klick’, add the pages you want to the menu save the menu and select it as your primary menu.

For the next bits you can download the zip at the bottom of this page.

First open the add-to-styles.css file copy the code into the bottom of your child styles.css’

Next create a folder called js in your child theme and upload the klick-nav.min.js to that folder. I have minified the js for you to load nice and fast.

If you ever need to minfy a .js file then I use this tool it is free an just does it in a browser window.

Add the code from the add-to-functions.php into your child functions.php or simply rename the add-to-functions.php to functions.php and upload this to the child theme.

What’s left well it should be working for you now, You have your improved responsive menu twenty twelve so next to style it to match your theme colors.

In the above css you can change the width, background color and color of the text, I am sure some of you will get fancy.

Klick Design Responsive menu



Hide Page Name Titles WordPress

Hide Page Name Titles WordPress

Why would you want to hide page name titles in WordPress, well the simple answer is that it does not mean you do not want to use them it means you want a nice neat menu, can you imagine if my menu say’s “Hide Page Name Titles WordPress” on a page it would be hide page name titles wordpressan ugly menu.

You can simply add a page title using the heading 1 tag from the drop-down text styles. (See Image on right).

By doing this your H1 tag is still there if you want it, and you can organise your pages easier when you scroll through them in the pages menu in admin.


So lets now hide page name titles wordpress, I have as most of my tutorials based this on the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme but pretty much will apply to all themes. Now standard warning Use your child theme if you have not created one start reading here first.

Open the original content-page.php from your theme. This should look like below.

Now if you just want to remove the page name from the home page of your site replace is_page with is_front_page , I know a lot of people want to use a static front page so this is a handy one for removing the page name in WordPress just on the home page.

Hiding Page Titles SEO Effect

Are page titles important for SEO, they are less important nowaday’s but still are worth implementing, if you want to understand more about H1 Page titles then this is a great article by Chris Butterworth.

Favicon for WordPress

Favicon for WordPress

Adding a Favicon for WordPress is easy, start by creating your favicon.ico

Favicon for WordPress functions.php flavicon.ico




Create your image.

Favicon for WordPress IconFirst you need to create your Favicon Icon image the maximum file size to convert into a Favicon is 150kilobytes. if you have not yet created one then feel free to use mine until you decide what you want to use.

Just right click and copy or save as.

You then need you use a FavIcon Generator I use this one but there are many more available Click here.

Once you have created your favicon.ico image simply save it to your root folder

Now you need to open your functions.php file from your Child theme if you have not created one then you need to do so here are the instructions for the functions.php Click Here.

That is it favicon for WordPress has been created and up loaded, slight downside you do not always see it straight away, don’t worry it will appear :)



Moving Twenty Twelve Menu to below the Header Image

Moving Twenty Twelve Menu.

I did not like the default way that the header image on the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme is below the menu, I tend to not use the default header text titles on themes as they are what makes a wordpress site look like a blog as opposed to a good quality website.

So on the Klick site I decided to move the Twenty Twelve Menu to below the Header image and use a header image instead of the header text.

moving twenty twelve menu

It is very easy to achieve simply open your header.php in your child theme , If you have not created a child theme the read this first.

Download and open the header.php file from the Twenty Twelve theme, /wp-content/themes/twentytwelve.

Around line 42 you will see the below code.

For moving twenty twelve menu all you do is swap them and place the site navigation (menu) below the header image as below.

Now upload the header.php to your child theme and you should have a new position for the Twenty Twelve menu.