Feefo Benefits not just SEO

What are the Feefo benefits?

Feefo benefits are obvious to me, there are other choices to using Feefo on the market, but in my experience of using Trust Pilot, Trusted Shops and pretty much all of the other customer feedback services, I found Feefo to have the best feedback response rate by far.

When a customer buys the product or service from you, the customer then receives a request to review the product and service, it’s simple Feefo get more responses at this point.

Feefo Benefits Reviews For Your websiteBy displaying an image similar to one I have designed on the right, your customers have confidence in you straight away. This image can be displayed on the home page, category pages or product pages.

It is linkable when the user clicks on it, they will see the live reviews on you and on the products you sell.

On your product pages you can have displayed the star rating for the products and the reviews specific to that product.

Now with other Feedback services like Trustpilot you get a link to your home page not with Feefo you also get one directly to the individual product page, great for SEO.

This will help the customer to understand what they are buying and stop them from going off to another site, maybe a review site or a competitors site to find out more about that product.

Example Pages

Feefo Benefits Product Page Veiw

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Here is an example of a product page with Feefo feedback displayed.

So we can see that you have saved yourself time and energy writing your own product reviews :) not that you would do that!

Apart from giving your customers confidence in you and your products, you are keeping fresh content on your product pages, this is always good for SEO.

Search engines will always rank pages higher that have fresher content and will spider your pages more, just to make sure that they have the latest cached version.

Feefo Benefits on Google, Shopping and Natural Search Results.

Google Results Feefo Benefits

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Your reviews and stars will show up in the Google shopping results, your product rating stars will show up in Google ads and even in the natural search results as snippets (snippets not guaranteed).

As with the examples in the image to the right, you see not only do you stand out, but the customer will have confidence.

You will also get links back from Feefo’s own website, as they display a live feed, from the home page and also display your results on the your company page.

Feefo’s page on Google stars.

Contact Me About Feefo

If you are interested in trying out Feefo I can arrange a free trial, or if you can see the benefits already then contact me and I will start to get the integration in motion for you.

Feefo Customer Feedback System

Feefo feedback system

Feefo customer feedback system.

I have integrated the Feefo feedback system into several websites now and I have been so impressed that I thought I should let people know more about it. If Google loves it then you should, check it out on Google Shopping.

What is Feefo?

Feefo is a review system based purely on feedback on customer service and the product that they purchased from your E commerce store, or services that they have used.

How does it work?

When you send your customer an invoice for a purchase or service a copy is also sent to Feefo, Feefo then contacts your customer with a jointly branded email asking them for feedback on the service they received from you and the product itself.

Your customers can score you either Excellent, Good, Poor or Bad, indicating their level of satisfaction on the products they purchased and the service they received from you. There is also a comments box to add additional feedback, once published you can add a reply to their comments.

When the results are delivered to Feefo they then publish the details live on thier website, then your score is totalled and updated.

Feefo live feedHere is an example of a live feed that I have set up for my client.

Click on the image and you can see it in action.

Feefo starsFeefo have created API’s that enable you to then display the results on the product page itself. You can also display your overall score on your sites home page and indeed any category pages you wish to. You can also display the comments and written product reviews and jazz it up by adding review stars.

How much does the service cost?

Currently Feefo charges £199.00 for set up costs, I have been through this process and they are great at customer service, they hold your hand all the way, they will help with the technical integration, training, development and general support.

There are three levels of monthly costs.

Up To 200 feedback’s a month = £99
Up To 1000 feedback’s a month = £299
Bespoke package that covers 10k per month = £499
*prices are plus VAT.

Feefo Contact Me

Don’t just read this without seeing the benefits of FeefoBenefits Feefo in Part 2.

Magento What is it?

Magento?What is Magento What is it?

I am often asked what is Magento? Well it is one of the most popular e Commerce systems used today for creating an online retail shop.

The Magento platform is built on technology that provides online merchants with flexibility and control over the look, content and the functionality of their e Commerce store.

Magento is free, there is a paid version that is based on an annual subscription.

Magento’s online admin interface features powerful marketing, search engine optimization, product and catalog management tools.

Magento can integrate with most payment systems from Pay Pal to your current merchant bank.

With Magento you can run effective marketing campaigns, and create landing pages for single products or groups of products. You can even create an unlimited amount of specific brand pages, or pick out attributes you select to market online.

As a solution to creating an online shop without paying for the software and the tools that is normally required you cannot really beat it.

You can create products and category’s very easily from within its admin window or upload them via a spreadsheet.

Additional functions can be added with ease as there are thousands of extensions you can use to extend the functionality, lots of them free.

If you want a simple small store then it is still a great choice as you will not only get all your products online and increase your online presence.

If your ambitions a greater and you want to build an empire then Magento will grow with you.

Magento is fully upgradable, when the next version is released then you will be able to upgrade through a simple control panel called Magento connect.

If configured correctly Magento can be very SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly, which takes a lot of the workload out of getting your shop onto the search engines.

Shopping made easy with Magento, it has the ability to let shoppers browse by many different attributes such as colour or size.

Or in fact any attribute you want to input that you feel will be helpful for your customers.

What are the down sides?

Magento is hungry, it requires specific server setups that enable it to run smoothly, It loves RAM!

Does not matter what you read it needs to be hosted on a decent hosting package, for a small setup it can be on a lower cost VPS (Virtual Private Server) but if you have aspirations for your store then do not starve it, get yourself a Dedicated Server.

Hosting professionally for Magento is between £40 – £80 per month for a small store and £250 – £350 per month for a Large setup. Still cheap compare to shop rents.

What is Magento, Would I use it?My experience with Magento

When I was first introduced to Magento it was new to the market, I had a small corner shop selling bathroom products, It turned over about £250,000 a year. I launched an online store and the first year we turned over about £850,000 quite a shock to the business I can tell you. Within 3 years we were turning over nearly Three Million pounds.

Now I help design and integrate Magento for many different types of businesses from start ups to large multinationals.

If I was ever going to go back into retail or b2b I would use Magento.

If you want to discuss your requirement for launching your online store then please free free to contact me.

A demo is available at http://www.magentocommerce.com/demo

I am going to write more on Magento Shortly….