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Klick Boot!

A WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap 3

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The Theme

This theme has been designed to be a great starting place for designing something special.

It is Flexible, Responsive, html5, and best of all simple just like me!

You will be amazed just how easy it is to create something really special.

There will be many different variants of this theme available the first being a starter theme for designers and people that like to get their hands dirty.

Then there will be various styled themes versions available designed by some of the best WordPress designers around.

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With responsive design being so important for viewing your creation on all types of devices whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Resize the Klick Boot Theme so you can see how well it has been designed.

Touch screen capable as well as great functionality for desktops and Laptops.

A simple but effective small screen menu.

All elements are held within containers that resize perfectly.

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Built in Cool

Some of the built in features of Klick Boot are:

Carousel Sliders for that perfect slideshows.

Collapsible Panels  Great for FAQ pages they hold lots of information in a very small space.

Contact Form There are lots of great contact forms on the market for WordPress this is a simple Bootstrap 3 contact form. It is as a plugin just in case you would prefere to use any of the other great plugin on the market.

FontAwesome is available to use straight out of the box.

There is lots more jump over to the Klick Boot site to see.

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