Hide Page Name Titles WordPress

Hide Page Name Titles WordPress

Why would you want to hide page name titles in WordPress, well the simple answer is that it does not mean you do not want to use them it means you want a nice neat menu, can you imagine if my menu say’s “Hide Page Name Titles WordPress” on a page it would be hide page name titles wordpressan ugly menu.

You can simply add a page title using the heading 1 tag from the drop-down text styles. (See Image on right).

By doing this your H1 tag is still there if you want it, and you can organise your pages easier when you scroll through them in the pages menu in admin.


So lets now hide page name titles wordpress, I have as most of my tutorials based this on the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme but pretty much will apply to all themes. Now standard warning Use your child theme if you have not created one start reading here first.

Open the original content-page.php from your theme. This should look like below.

Now if you just want to remove the page name from the home page of your site replace is_page with is_front_page , I know a lot of people want to use a static front page so this is a handy one for removing the page name in WordPress just on the home page.

Hiding Page Titles SEO Effect

Are page titles important for SEO, they are less important nowaday’s but still are worth implementing, if you want to understand more about H1 Page titles then this is a great article by Chris Butterworth.