Favicon for WordPress

Favicon for WordPress

Adding a Favicon for WordPress is easy, start by creating your favicon.ico

Favicon for WordPress functions.php flavicon.ico




Create your image.

Favicon for WordPress IconFirst you need to create your Favicon Icon image the maximum file size to convert into a Favicon is 150kilobytes. if you have not yet created one then feel free to use mine until you decide what you want to use.

Just right click and copy or save as.

You then need you use a FavIcon Generator I use this one but there are many more available Click here.

Once you have created your favicon.ico image simply save it to your root folder http://www.your-site.co.uk/

Now you need to open your functions.php file from your Child theme if you have not created one then you need to do so here are the instructions for the functions.php Click Here.

That is it favicon for WordPress has been created and up loaded, slight downside you do not always see it straight away, don’t worry it will appear :)



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