Facebook like button WordPress without a plugin

Facebook like button WordPress without a plugin.

Facebook Like WordPress

Why a Facebook like button WordPress without a plugin, Well  too many plugins can slow down your site and it is so easy to create anyway.

How do I add a Facebook like to my sidebar, first you go to the Facebook developers page Here. If you are not logged in it will ask you to login.

facebook like button wordpressOnce you are logged in you will see the like button configuration box it is really simple to fill out. I like the button simple but you can go made and have faces of the people that are on your facebook page send buttons etc, here is the settings that I use.

Once you have filled this out you can press the get code button at the bottom of the configuration box, note you can always go back and change this at any time.

On the code section you have different selections of code to implement the facebook like button, The simplest is using the iframe version, facebook like button wordpresslike below. Copy the code…


The next step is to paste the code into a text widget for your sidebar, I do not title the widget but you can if you want, save it and your done….

Tip you can do very simlar with Twitter and most other social networks.

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4 thoughts on “Facebook like button WordPress without a plugin

  1. Thanks a lot. But unfortunately, i am still facing some issues with installing the fb like button. When i ask for the IFRAME code there is a problem. They say:

    “This plugin does not have an iframe implementation with the selected options. Please use the JavaScript SDK and the HTML5 or XFBML implementations, or change the value of the send parameter.”

    What do I do? Please help

  2. Hi Ana, I did write this quite a while ago, but all I think the warning is saying is that you need to change the selected options, The settings you can’t use now is the send button, so if you have that ticked untick and see if that solves it.

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