Child Theme functions.php WordPress

Child theme functions.php file for WordPress

Before you create your child theme functions.php I find it best to start with the styles.css for the child theme if you have not yet created this then I suggest that you start by reading this first.

If you are working with designing in WordPress you should always use a child theme, a child theme is basically a theme of your own that overrides the base theme you are using, for Klick Designs I using the Latest WordPress version which has the theme of Twenty Twelve.

The functions.php file is different for a child theme than the style.css, the functions.php of a child theme does not override its parent functions.php file. It is in addition to the file you are using in your theme, so the only code to be added is what you want to override.

This makes it easier to deal with, a child theme can replace a PHP function of the parent by simply declaring it beforehand, as the child theme’s functions.php is loaded first.

So here we go lets create a functions.php file.

All you need is a opening and closing php tag and that is it.

If you now save your file as functions.php and upload it to your root- folder/wp-content/themes/’your-new-theme’ you can now override any of your themes functions.

Lets now use our new child theme functions.php to Create a Favicon like below, Click here.

child theme functions.php flavicon.ico

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